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My goal is quite simple. I want to share my experiences and lessons learned that have helped me create a woodpecker-free home.

Inside, you'll learn...

  • What strategy you must implement today and why if you have an existing woodpecker problem.
  • How to avoid thousands of dollars in home repairs.
  • The 4 types of woodpecker deterrents and how to avoid costly mistakes by choosing the right deterrent the first time.

Bryan Goldstein

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Stop Woodpeckers From Damaging Your Home Today When You Learn How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers The Easy And Humane Way!

Eliminating And Preventing Costly Woodpecker Damage Is Easy When You Have The Right Information

Dear Frustrated Homeowner,

My name is Bryan Goldstein and I'm going to show you how to quickly, easily and inexpensively get rid of woodpeckers that are damaging your home in the next 5 minutes...

...using an easy step-by-step method that relieves stress and produces results in less than 1 week!

Before we go further, we'll need to set the record straight.

woodpecker holes

Let's face it, woodpecker problems will continue to increase as we continue to encroach on their natural habitat.

Even though woodpeckers can be a major nuisance, woodpecker control systems must be humane because these beautiful birds are protected under law by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

If you're like me you've experienced the incredible frustration and financial damage destructive woodpeckers can cause to both you and your home.

What's more, you've probably even tried some of the common woodpecker deterrents including spraying the woodpecker with your garden hose or putting up an owl decoy to scare them away.

Bottom line is that these methods are not long term solutions.

Let me explain...

I have lived in homes my whole life that have been the target of destructive woodpeckers. And as a homeowner in four different states across the United States, I have experienced aggressive woodpecker damage in every one of our homes. In truth, I've made plenty of mistakes.

I've made plenty of mistakes

Listen, I have spent $1,000s of dollars replacing siding and repainting our house only to see it damaged again because I didn't fully understand the reason why the woodpecker was attracted to our home in the first place.

I had to do the research...

I had to do the research because I was losing my patience, my wife was frustrated with me and we were just throwing money away. And what's worse, I quickly discovered that almost all of the recommendations being offered on the internet were "one-size-fits-all" solutions.

"One-size-fits-all" strategies just don't work...

You see, different types of woodpeckers are attracted to homes for different reasons. And that means that they require their own unique solutions!

So I didn't have a choice.

I learned the hard way...through countless hours of trial and error, testing many of the woodpecker detterent methods on the market over the years. And I invested the time to learn about woodpecker habits because I had to.

...and that's when I started to see results

The result?

Through my years of "on the job" training, I can look at woodpecker damage to my home as a problem of the past now that I have discovered an integrated woodpecker removal system that will get rid of woodpeckers for good.

And that's just for starters...

The fact is, you've probably discovered that finding a proven woodpecker removal system is hard to find.

Most homeowners fail miserably before they even begin. But the lucky ones - and the smart ones - figure out early that nothing good will ever happen...

...Until You Learn What Woodpecker Deterrents Actually Work.

"We tried bird spikes but the woodpeckers just moved to another spot." We live in a log home and were having a problem with Northern Flickers drilling holes in the corners of our overhang on the porch. We had tried bird spikes so that would not land there but they just moved to another spot. That's when I went to the web and found Everything that I read in the book about woodpecker behavior mimicked what was going on at our home. Now, we have hung wind socks up to keep them away. The book really helps you understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and how to take care of the problem. Debbie Smith Sacramento, CA

In fact, once the secrets are revealed to's actually easy to take action that quickly eliminates woodpeckers from doing further damage...and keeps them away for GOOD.

I can relate to where you are right now and understand the intense frustration you must feel because it was only a few short years ago that I was relentlessly trying to search for my own answers.

And this is the reason I have created this website. I want to help others save countless hours of emotional and financial distress trying to figure our how get rid of woodpeckers for good.

For example, you've probably asked yourself:

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I decide which woodpecker deterrent to use?
  • Why should I pay $1,000s of dollars to fix my woodpecker damage now if they'll just come back next week or next year?
  • Is there a woodpecker removal system out there that will get rid of woodpeckers for good?

And here's some great news for you...

The Woodpecker Cure

I have taken my years of intense "on the job" learning and have developed an easy step-by-step system that unlocks all of the secrets you need to know to eliminate costly woodpecker damage to your home.

And I'm not just talking about how to get rid of woodpeckers today but how to also keep them from returning in the future. You can start unlocking the secrets instantly once you obtain your copy of my easy to understand book:

With this book you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully eliminate woodpeckers from your home within 1 week including:

Avoid The #1 Most Costly Mistake Homeowners Make

  • Learn what strategy you must implement today and why if you have an existing woodpecker problem. And this answer is so obvious you may just miss it.

Stop Woodpeckers Cold By Learning Why Your Home Is A Target

  • Protect your investment and save 100's of hours of guesswork, wasted time, money and emotional distress by solving your problem correctly the first time.
  • Woodpecker mating and the 2 types of home damage it causes.
  • Discover the top 4 home materials woodpeckers love to use as their loudspeaker.
  • Why sealing you siding doesn't matter to woodpeckers but color does.
  • The top 3 hidden food sources that roll out the welcome mat for woodpeckers.

Unlock The 4 Types of Woodpecker Deterrents ( HINT: Not All Work)

  • Learn what type of woodpecker deterrent you should always use first regardless of what type of woodpecker is attacking your and why.
  • Discover why it will take a combination of different types of woodpecker deterrents to fully eradicate your problem.
  • How this sticky strategy can be inhumane and ultimately harm your woodpecker.
  • Why some woodpecker deterrents cause more cosmetic damage than they do good.

Stay Out Of Jail By Avoiding These Misunderstood Solutions

  • Learn why using some tactile woodpecker deterrents may not only be inhumane but illegal saving you thousands of dollars in fines and potential lawyer's fees.
  • Learn which woodpecker deterrent methods require a permit in most states and why.
  • Discover the one woodpecker deterrent that is often misunderstood resulting in $50,000 in fines and a 1 year in jail.

Implement A Humane & Easy Woodpecker Control Solution In 1 Week

  • Learn how to create an integrated woodpecker removal system that will fully eradicate woodpeckers within 1 week for good.
  • How to keep woodpeckers from doing further damage to existing holes.
  • How to identify and eliminate the reasons woodpeckers are attacking your home.
  • Why selecting one woodpecker strategy isn't enough to solve your problem.
  • How to eliminate costly mistakes and choose the right woodpecker deterrent the first time.
  • How to avoid new damage once you've implemented your woodpecker deterrent strategies.

Just let this sink in for a minute...

The fact is if you were to invest all of the money I've spent researching and testing woodpecker removal solutions, plus the constant repairs I've had to make in replacing siding and repainting my could easily invest over $2,357 just in costs alone.

That is why the powerful and easy to understand step-by-step method I have carefully laid out in my book "The Woodpecker Cure - How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers In 5 Easy And Humane Steps" would be a huge bargain at a price of $99 or even $59...just a fraction of the cost I've incurred.

But I've decided to offer you the opportunity to hop on the fast track to woodpecker freedom today at the unbelievable price of just $39. That's just $1.30 a day for 30 days to fully eradicate woodpecker damage for good!

But that's not all you get...


Woodpecker Control Secrets

You get...Woodpecker Control Secrets: The 10 Types of Woodpeckers That Attack Homes How understanding what type of woodpecker is attacking your home is essential to picking the right deterrent for your home...learn which woodpeckers demand seasonal attention and which others to identify your woodpecker by the shape of the hole they have drilled. (A $17 value)

Nesting Boxes

You get...How to Build Your Own Woodpecker Nesting Box

Would you rather your woodpecker live in your house or somewhere else? Includes step by step instructions for 2 different types of nesting boxes. (A $9.95 value)

How would you like to get started in just minutes?

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Red Check

Yes, I'm ready to get rid of my woodpecker problem for good!

The Woodpecker Cure

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Keep reading. I'll even remove all of the risk for you today.


My 60 Day Guarantee

I'm so confident you will successfully rid your home of woodpeckers "The Woodpecker Cure - How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers In 5 Easy And Humane Steps," that I am going to give you 60 days to read and take action on what you will learn.

That's right, anytime during the next 60 days, if you are not completely satisfied by the information in "The Woodpecker Cure - How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers In 5 Easy And Humane Steps," I will refund your entire payment no questions asked!

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To your success,


Bryan Goldstein

P.S. - Discover The Critical Missing Links Homeowners Don't Know About How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers and hop on the fast track to creating a woodpecker-free home in less than 1 week with the easy and humane step-by-step system!

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